Thursday, 22 March 2012

Disconnects in Logic (1) - Can't do the Maths

Environmental Technologies News Magazine has a short piece on "smart" approaches to solving a non-problem.
Experts from Japan and the UK will meet at Loughborough University next month to discuss the use of “smart” approaches to make our cities greener.
Cities use 80% of global energy, and contribute over half our greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing city energy consumption is therefore vital and “smart” approaches to reducing energy demands, as well as ‘’smart’’ supply and distribution techniques, could provide the solution.
Just a minute - if cities use 80% of global energy, but contribute just over half of GHG emissions, then other energy consumers must use just 20% of global energy and contribute almost half of GHG emissions. If 80% of city dwellers contributed just over half of a city's street litter, and the other 20% contributed almost half, which of the two groups should city authorities target in a "stop litter" campaign? I leave the maths to you, it's clearly too difficult for both me and the "experts".

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