Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Sydney Opera House is bigger than you think

The Independent, that ever-reliable source of well-researched information dished up with a total lack of hyperbole, reports on "Earth Hour"
Sydney switches off lights for 60 minutes
Landmarks and buildings around the world were plunged into darkness yesterday as part of a campaign against climate change. 
For Earth Hour, organised by WWF, attractions such as Sydney Opera House turned their lights off for 60 minutes at 8.30pm. The event invites people to switch off all non-essential lighting to highlight the impact climate change is having on the globe.
It seems the "clam-shell" building now encompasses the whole of that great city. An analysis of electricity consumption for Sydney over the period which included Earth Hour 2012 shows no discernible reduction in consumption, nor for New South Wales, nor the entire country. This short article highlights the impact hyperbole and extreme exaggeration is having on the truth. This graphic highlights the reaction of most sensible people to such stretching of the truth

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