Sunday, 26 August 2012

Rising sea levels throughout metro Vancouver putting landmarks at risk - Vancouver Sun

"Rising sea levels throughout metro Vancouver putting landmarks at risk" says the Vancouver Sun (my bold).
VANCOUVER, B.C.: AUGUST 1, 2012 -- Andrew Yan (L) and Michael Heeney (R) at Vancouver’s Granville Island, August 1st, where they have done a study on the rising sea levels. Dikes and other infrastructures maybe needed to protect some of Vancouver’s landmarks
Vancouver is at risk of losing landmark communities like Granville Island and False Creek unless the city starts taking measures to defend its shoreline against rising sea levels, an urban planner warns.
Andrew Yan, a planner and researcher with Bing Thom Architects, estimates the city will have to spend upwards of $510 million to build and upgrade the dikes and seawalls — plus billions more to buy the land to put them on — over the next century.
“What’s under threat in Vancouver is a lot of our identity; our beaches, our seawall ... this is what makes Vancouver such a livable place,” Yan said. “We just need to look at Granville Island and its exposure to sea level rise and what may be required to defend it.”
"Rising sea levels" at Vancouver - really? "Rising" means now and in the recent past, right?


Lower now than in the mid-1980s is rising?

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