Friday, 3 February 2012

Blogger Strikes Again

Apologies to those who viewed the South Pacific Sea Level to September 2011 post recently. I corrected a chart heading a while ago, and Blogger decided (yet again) it didn't like my HTML for the interactive map feature, and simply removed the relevant code. Luckily the sidebar reference page (top right on the sidebar) was unaffected, though I'd made an identical correction to it. The feature's now reinstated.

That reference page will be updated soon with charts to December 2011, in the new style I've been using recently with a 13-month centred running mean. I think that gives a much clearer indication of "what's been happening" on charts which show much greater variation in levels than is usual worldwide. If anyone has any constructive comments on presentation I'd be glad to receive them. To anyone who thought this post's heading would lead to an exposé dealing the dirt on some other blogger, I apologise.

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