Monday, 27 February 2012

The Sceptic's Dictionary: Gleick

verb intransitive
1. To commit an act of unbelievable stupidity (see also Darwin Awards)
2. To lose your head when all about you are holding theirs.
2. To impersonate another, for financial or other gain.
4. To impersonate a climate scientist.
5. To perpetrate a transparent fraud.
6. To inflate one's own importance, esp. in writing (see also blogs, troll).
7. To speak from a position of false authority
8. To admit to holding the gun, but not to pulling the trigger.
9 To commit professional suicide in writing (see also Twitter, blogs).
10. To lose the approbation of one's peers (see also Monckton).
11. To become a hermit (see also Herman's Hermits song titles, esp. "The End Of The World". "What Is Wrong, What Is Right", "If I Fell", "Moonshine Man", "I'll Never Dance Again", "Don't Go Out Into The Rain", "The Story Of My Life", "I Understand (Just How You Feel)", "It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning", "My Reservation's Been Confirmed", "Where Were You When I Needed You" and others)
12. To come to an end; terminate

[from Old German gleick, a narcissistic egotist, from Middle German gleck, an act of self-immolation]

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