Friday, 15 February 2013

Poster-child Update - Kiribati & Tuvalu

Australia's National Tidal centre (BOM) finally got its act together and released data for December 2012 and January 2013 yesterday, for all South Pacific stations they maintain, and for ABSLMP stations in Australia. I'll be updating my reference pages on South Pacific and Australia (sidebar, top right) soon. In the meantime, I thought those who're interested might like to see the updated plots for the "poster children" of the CAGW fraternity - Kiribati (glug-glug!) and Tuvalu (gurgle!) both seemingly destined to disappear beneath the waves of an uncaring Pacific Ocean, like a latter-day Atlantis.

I avoid posting charts for either which end part way through the current year. Monthly averages vary widely over a year, and just a single unusually high (or low) month can change calculated trends quite dramatically. First Kiribati (pronounced Kiribass)

...... and Tuvalu

Despite the alarming-looking linear trends, in both cases "pulled down" on the left by the effect of the 1997/8 El Niño there's a great deal of "not much happening" here. The 37-month centred moving average (3-year) lines give a good indication of trend. SITREP - "nothing much going on, over and out".

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