Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Summit County Voice - "Ever warmer"

How does Bob Berwyn, the one-man choir of Summit County Voice, show conclusively that global temperatures to 2013 are "Ever warmer"? 'Seasy - just show them up to 2005.

"Ever warmer" - Bob Berwin
I was going to say "words fail me", but of course they never have, yet. The obvious way to prove something which can't be proved is simple - leave out the "inconvenient truth". Bob is no stranger to the truth, of course, he just never uses it. He's always on the level, so he omits it, the level bit that is. Quite astonishing.

UPDATE 0800 GMT 19th Feb 2013

In response to questions about the "missing 8 years", Bob Berwyn replies "Do you REALLY want to hang your hat on eight years?". We can't - they're not there.

UPDATE 2 1738 GMT 19th Feb 2013

Above graphic replaced with

Ever-warmer …

.... after some acid comments (pH 2.0 or greater) on the page, by
Bob Berwyn - Ever warmist. It's still displayed here though.

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