Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Australia, the January 2013 "heatwave", hour-by-hour

Hourly temperature data for January 2013, from Australian Baseline Sea Level Monitoring Project Hourly Sea Level and Meteorological Data, on the BOM website. Charts are provided without comment other than clarification, for the coastal locations on this map, clockwise in order from Cape Ferguson. Cocos Islands included as the station is part of the ABSLMP project. No data has been published for Port Stanvac since 2010. Groote Eylandt, NT is shown as Milner Bay on the map. Don't ask me why, it always has been. Note - the data has not been adjusted by anyone. Click images to enlarge. Note: chart dates/times are UTC (EDT - 11 hrs).

The spike to 41.8°C on 18th occurred over just a few hours between 1100 EDT (26.5°C) and 1300 EDT (41.8°C), falling back to 26.4°C at 1400 EDT and coincided with quite low barometric pressure.

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