Wednesday, 20 March 2013

GISS/GHCN - Woomera, Australia, the "smoking gun"

Having worked around Oz clockwise from Cairns, Queensland, I've arrived at Woomera, South Australia - where there was a rocket-testing range. However, it's GHCN and GISS who deserve a rocket, for their unexplained and totally unjustified adjustments of past temperatures. Here's the GISS chart for Woomera Aerodrome
... and the unadjusted data
..... and both datasets plotted together

What am I complaining about? There's hardly any adjustment evident at all. EXACTLY - why isn't there any? Here are the adjusted and unadjusted plots for Alice Springs, Northern Territory, just a tad up the road from Woomera (1,060 km or 657 miles to be exact).
Why does a town like Alice need a large adjustment for 1949 onwards and Woomera need none? Because Woomera already shows a warming trend! No earlier data, so no adjustment needed. This sort of fakery is scientific malpractice of the first order.

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